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COVID & FLU VAX?   Flu season is getting started and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend everyone 6 months of age and older to get a flu vaccine, there are rare exceptions so check with your doctor.  But is it safe to get a flu shot and covid shot at the same time?   Dr. John Vanchiere  is Professor of Pediatrics at LSU-Health Shreveport  and also Director of Community Outreach for Testing and Vaccination for Covid-19 at the Center for Emerging Viral Threats. 

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ARK DEM ON REDISTRICTING-  The new chair of the Arkansas Democratic Party says Republican proposed  redistricting maps are illegal.  In an appearance on Arkansas Public Media’s “Talk Business and Politics”,  New Democratic Party of Arkansas Chair Grant Tenille suggested the GOP’s redistricting map efforts are a deliberate,  unilateral sign  that the Arkansas Republican Party’s focus is to dominate politics in the state.

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YOUNGER PEOPLE INFECTED-  For the past several weeks,  the news about Covid infections on the rise has become routine as many parts of the country and especially the deep south have seen considerable increases in hospitalizations.  And doctors have noted the ages of patients are getting younger and younger than the covid surges from a year ago.  They say it’s because of the newer, more infectious Delta variant of the disease.  While the more elderly segments of the population are still at risk,  younger  people are showing up in emergency rooms unable to breathe due to Covi

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ISSUES INSURANCE MANDATE -  Louisiana Insurance Commissioner  Jim Donelon  has ordered insurance providers to pay for up to two weeks of hotel rooms and meals for residents who fled the region because of Hurricane Ida even if they weren't in mandatory evacuation zones.

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NICHOLAS CRAWLS INTO LA. Nicholas has weakened into a tropical depression as it crawls across southern Louisiana, unleashing heavy rain across the coasts of Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.   It's unwelcome weather for survivors of Hurricane Ida, which destroyed thousands of rooftops now covered with tarps.  The National Weather Service says the lower Deep South is in for days of rain as Nicholas lingers over central Louisiana. Gov. John Bel Edwards has warned residents to expect flash flooding and to avoid traveling in areas with heavy rainfall.

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LSU VACCINE REQUIREMENT-   With Covid cases surging all over the country,  administrations  at colleges and universities  had been debating whether vaccines should be required for on-campus students, faculty and staff.   The  game changer  happened  earlier  this week as the Pfizer vaccine has received full approval by the Food and Drug Administration.   LSU  President  William Tate, IV   said during a recent media briefing  at LSU Health Shreveport,    where he stood on students getting vaccinated.

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EMERGENCY DECLARATION - Arkansas has reported 42 new COVID-19 deaths and its biggest one-day spike in hospitalizations since the pandemic began. The Department of Health on Monday reported 81 new COVID-19 hospitalizations, bringing the state's total to 1,220.   The department said 451 of those patients are under intensive care and 250 are on ventilators.  The state's coronavirus hospitalizations are nearing the high set last January.  Gov.

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DIVING DOGS Longview, Texas is going to the dogs this weekend.

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ARKANSAS COVID RISES-  Arkansas’ Covid-19  cases have skyrocketed in recent weeks due to the delta variant and the state’s low vaccination rate.