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LOUISIANA COVID-19 UPDATE - The latest numbers from the Louisiana Department of Health,  show just under 174,000 Covid-19 cases,  with more than 161,000 presumed recoveries and 5,507 Covid-19 related deaths.  Louisiana is in it’s 8th month of the Coronavirus Pandemic and if that weren’t enough—the state is still recovering from severe storms, and on top of that—there’s economic pressures with disruptions, businesses have had to restrict operations, there’s been closures,  job lay-offs and upcoming election worries too.

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COVID 19 VOTING PRECAUTIONS — Louisiana officials are asking for a federal appeals court to weigh in on a federal judge’s order expanding mail voting and early voting in the state. But they stressed that they are not trying to block the order ahead of the Nov. 3 election.  Republican Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin  filed a notice  Tuesday that he's appealing the  Sept. 16th  ruling by U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick who  ordered the state to reinstate  coronavirus pandemic voting plans that were successfully  used  for last summer’s elections.

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TEXAS VOTING -   Early voting in Texas is already underway but voters who want to drop off their mail in ballot will have to go to one single countywide location.  The latest ruling from the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court  has backed up  Governor Greg Abbott’s order to limit drop-off locations.  A three-judge panel held that Abbott’s order actually expanded voter access, rather than limiting it. The judges wrote that before Abbott’s order to expand early voting in July, voters could only drop off their mail-in ballots on Election Day itself.

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ARK CONGRESSIONAL  RACE – The race for Arkansas’ District 2 Congressional seat has become unexpectedly tight  as incumbent  Republican  Rep. French Hill and Democratic challenger Joyce Elliott have clashed over President Donald Trump's tax cuts and the efforts to repeal the  Affordabale Care Act  in their only debate last night. During the debate which was televised by Arkansas PBS,  Congressman  Hill criticized Elliott  over her opposition to the  2017  tax cuts.

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ARK COVID-19-  The number of Arkansans hospitalized with covid-19 increased by 22 on Sunday to a record high of 576.    Arkansas coronavirus hospitalizations were at record levels Tuesday through Friday before dropping by six on Saturday. The total on Saturday is still the third-highest number of coronavirus hospitalizations in Arkansas since the pandemic began.  The state’s  Covid-19 death count  rose Sunday by 17, to 1,569.  In an interview with CNN on Sunday morning, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he was concerned about the increase in hospitalizations.

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HURRICANE DELTA UPDATE -   Louisiana is bracing for a  hurricane  for  the sixth time  of  the unprecedented 2020 hurricane season.  Forecasters say Hurricane Delta should make landfall in the state sometime Friday afternoon  and  could  bring  winds  of well over 100 miles per hour.

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LA WEATHER EMERGENCY— Louisiana Gov.  John Bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Delta. The storm is on track to make landfall later this week. The Democratic governor called Delta an “incredibly dangerous storm" that threatens to bring heavy wind, rain and flooding to coastal Louisiana. 

"I'm encouraging everybody to use the time you have available to you between now and when it's too dangerous to prepare or evacuate to get yourself, your family in the best possible position for this storm," Edwards said.

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GOV FOSTER DIES — Former Louisiana Gov. Murphy James "Mike" Foster, who served as governor from 1996 to 2004, died Sunday. According to a statement released last week--Foster had entered into hospice care. The announcement said  COVID-19 was not a factor and the move to hospice was due to complications with his old age, He was 90 years old.

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DROP-OFF LOCATIONS LIMITED -   With just a few weeks to go before the start of early voting, Texas  Governor Greg Abbott announced last week that he is slashing the number of drop-off sites for mail-in ballots.  Abbott’s order limits each county to just one drop-off  site apiece for mail-in ballots, a measure he says is necessary to improve ballot security   Up to now,    Harris County, that includes the major metropolitan area of Houston  had 12 drop-off sites.   Harris County Clerk -Chris Hollins says  he’s willing to fight Governor Greg Abbott’s proclamation, claiming an

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BALANCE OF POWER? - Louisiana Republican lawmakers  have  advanced  measures this week in an attempt to curb Democratic Gov.