LSU To Unenroll Students For Non-Compliance

Sep 9, 2021

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

LSU TO UNENROLL NON-COMPLYING STUDENTS- LSU students  returning  to campus for  the Fall Semester  have just a couple more days to comply with the school's pandemic protocol or risk getting disenrolled.    According to a report in the Advocate,  a text message sent  to students who had yet to comply from the  university  said the deadline is Friday.

The text message reads  “If you do not comply," you will be unenrolled   from the university.”

Credit Courtesy: LSU

The message gave students the following five options to meet LSU requirements:   They are:

Show proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Show proof of negative COVID-19 test from within the past five days  

Show proof of positive COVID-19 test from within the past 90 days  

Formally opt out and get tested on a regular basis.  Students can also choose to plan to not comply.
Last month, Louisiana's flagship university became the first Southeastern Conference  school to require those same rules for anyone over the age of 12 who wants to attend events at the Tiger stadium.