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Alexandria children's museum benefits from partnership with Shreveport museum

Kate Archer Kent

Two museums in Shreveport and Alexandria have formed a partnership to expose more Central Louisiana children to hands-on science learning. With funding from the Central Louisiana Community Foundation, the T.R.E.E. House Children’s Museum in Alexandria will host a traveling exhibit from Sci-Port: Louisiana’s Science Center. Hundreds of children will take part in the Gee Whiz Science Carnvial during its five-day exhibit in Alexandria. T.R.E.E. House director Kara Edwards said she hopes this collaboration with Sci-Port opens up new doors for her museum.

“One of the things that really struck a chord with us in being able to connect and partner with Sci-Port is to be able to hear their similar story about how they started out small, and they’ve been able to grow and grow," Edwards said. "Now, look at the size they are now. We have very much similar goals for T.R.E.E. House.”

Sci-Port education director Lou Papai said the Gee Whiz Science Carnival has been traveling around the Ark-La-Tex for a dozen years. The exhibit was overhauled two years ago through a grant. He said community grants benefit both museums because it means more children can do hands-on science activities that are not readily available to classroom teachers.

“It allows us to take the resources that we’ve been able to build and take them to a community – not a small community, by any means – but a smaller science center that does a huge job in their community," Papai said. "We’re able to supplement what they’ve got and work together as a team.”

Edwards seeks volunteers to help out with the science carnival in October, and she hopes to make this an annual event. Papai said portions of the Gee Whiz Science Carnival exhibit will be at the Natchitoches Green Market every Saturday during the summer, beginning June 1.