COVID-19 Arkansas

COVID-19 Arkansas

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ARKANSAS  MEMORIAL SERVICE  -  While  many traditional  Memorial Day ceremonies  had  been canceled  across  the  nation  due  Covid-19  public safety concerns,  there was a smaller event that took place yesterday in Arkansas as Governor Asa Hutchinson took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the Arkansas State  Veterans  Cemetary  in  North  Little  Rock.   Although  the  service  was  not  open to the public, Governor Hutchinson made some remarks as the event was being streamed live on the internet.

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ARKANSAS GOVERNOR  MEETS PRESIDENT TRUMP – On Wednesday President  Donald Trump met with Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly  to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.   Following brief remarks from all, the president answered reporters' questions on a number of topics including mail-in ballots and the president’s concerns with them.  Many states are considering  emergency mail-in voting so as to provide voters access and protection from getting infected by the Coronavirus.  The President asked Governor Hutchinson share some thoughts on Mail-In Voting. 

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ARKANSAS NURSING HOMES – Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has a goal to test 2% of the state’s population for the coronavirus by the end of May, Hutchinson announced he also wants to test every resident and employee of nursing homes in Arkansas . He made this announcement yesterday at his Covid-19 update in Little Rock.

“This will result in approximately 40,000 to 50,000 new tests simply by testing staff and nursing home residents next month, in June, in those facilities,” Hutchinson explained.

Arkansas Covid-19 Cases Below Predictions

Apr 6, 2020
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LOWER THAN EXPECTED - Arkansas health officials say the number of coronavirus cases in the state has risen to  837 and COVID-19 deaths increased to 16. Gov. Asa Hutchinson said the number of cases now includes  14  people  at a  federal prison in Forrest City.  He also explained that Arkansas’ COVID-19 case  numbers  are  well below  than  what  earlier projections predicted.

"Today under the projections we were supposed to be at 2, 000 cases," Hutchinson explained. "So instead of 2,000 cases we have 837 cases."

This is the LIVE YOUTUBE stream from the Arkansas Governors Office.

A tornado tore through nearly 20 miles of the city of Jonesboro, Ark., on Saturday evening, severely damaging multiple properties and injuring at least 22 people, according to local news reports.

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UNION COUNTY  ARK. COVID-19    Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson held a press conference yesterday, the purpose of which was to give an update on the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the state. Hutchinson pointed out that while this number was a jump in Coronavirus cases in Arkansas,  the results were reflective of an increase in testing that has been going on in the state.  

"Yesterday, I reported that we had 118 cases in Arkansas, today we have 165 positive test results," Hutchinson explained.