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Pineville recreation area to get second disc golf course

The Red River Waterway Commission started construction this month on a second disc golf course at Fort Buhlow Recreation Area near Pineville in Rapides Parish. The first 18-hole course completed there a year ago has been well used.  The commission’s operations director Mike Boydstun said enthusiasm for the sport surprised him. It’s drawn new people to the recreation area.

“You wouldn’t expect them to be out there in the heat of the day this time of year, but we have a lot of people who just come all day long," Boydstun said.

Eric Miller of Alexandria started playing disc golf a little over a year ago when the first course opened. He was hooked. He’s helped design the second course, and plays about once a week. He said the object of the game is just like golf.

“You start off at a tee box and you attempt to put your disc into a basket, which is the equivalent of a hole in golf. You try to do it in the least number of throws," Miller said. "It’s a lot less expensive than golf, requires a lot less equipment, and you don’t have to pay any greens fees.”

The Red River Waterway Commission budgeted $20,000 for the second course, according to Boydstun. It will be completed by December, just ahead of the two-day Louisiana State Disc Golf Championship Tournament. Miller expect it will draw more than 100 players.

“Those players are very anxious to come play in the state championship at the end of the year to compete against each other. Not all of the tournaments that are held around the state draw from all parts of the state at once," Miller said.

Boydstun said hosting the state tournament is just what the Red River Waterway Commission has in mind for Fort Buhlow Recreation Area – attracting disc golf enthusiasts and event coordinators to the Pineville area.