TX Senate Approves Bill To Give Teachers $5,000 Raise

Mar 5, 2019

Sen. Jane Nelson (R) Flower Mound, TX addresses colleagues during floor discussion on teachers pay raise bill Monday, 03/04/19.
Credit Courtesy: Texas Senate Video Archives

TX TEACHERS PAYRAISE PASSES -  The Texas Senate unanimously passed a bi-partisan bill Monday to give a five thousand dollar pay raise to every public school teacher and librarian in the state.   Republican Jane Nelson of Flower Mound authored the bill.

"I am going to lead this motion off by saying to all the teachers out there, we appreciate you.," said Nelson. " So having said that, I would move Mr. President, final passage of Senate Bill 3." 

Before the vote,  Lt. Governor Dan Patrick praised Nelson's work.

"Senator Nelson, we first talked about this back in the fal land you began work on it," Patrick said. " Thank 

Texas Senate convenes Monday, 03/04/19.
Credit Courtesy: Texas Senate Video Archives

you for your hard work on this and thank you members.  Ms. Senator Nelson moves final passage SB 3.  Secetary will call the roll: Alvarado, Bettencourt, Budwell, Buckingham..(gavel knock). 31 Is, no nays, the bill's finally passed." 

The entire senate joined Nelson to co-author the bill.  The total cost of the pay raise is estimated to be more than 3-point-6 billion dollars in the next two-year budget. The Texas House plans to unveil its school finance legislation today.  Nelson believes the bill will pass the House and be signed by Governor Gregg Abbott.