Texas Railroad Commission To Consider Cutting Oil Production

Apr 16, 2020

Texas oil production could face cuts as regulators consider cuts to help stabilize the market in May.
Credit Courtesy: Texas Railroad Commission

OIL REGULATION – The Texas Railroad Commission regulates oil and gas production in the Lone Star State, and hasn't mandated production cuts since the 1970s. This week some oil and gas companies asked the Commission  put a cap on production to possibly stabilize historically low oil prices.  This move comes after oil prices have dropped to their lowest in years due to Saudi Arabia flooding the international market with cheaper oil.  A virtual commission hearing took place this week exploring the possibility to cap oil production and a  vote  could come in the next several days. Some companies say that --in these unique times-- those measures are  needed  to stabilize the market  but  others disagree, and say the free market should be left alone.   Lee Tillman is the C-E-O of Houston-based Marathon Oil. 

Lee Tillman, Chairman, President and CEO for Marathon Oil
Credit Courtesy: Marathon Oil

“Supply and demand imbalances will always occur, and in those times some companies will succeed and others will fail," Tillman said. "So we have to ask what will be the threshold to toss aside free market principles in the future?” 

The Texas Railroad Commissioners are considering cutting oil production by one-million barrels a day for the month of May. They meet again on April 21st, when they could take a vote on the cuts.

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