San Francisco Opera: Bright Sheng's Dream Of The Red Chamber

Airs Saturday, September 30, 2017, at 12 noon. The American Opera Series from WFMT continues with the San Francisco Opera and a production of Bright Sheng's Dream Of The Red Chamber starring Yijie Shi in the role of Bao Yu and Purem Jo as Dai Yu, with Hyona Kim as Lady Wang, Karen Chia-Ling Ho as Princess Jia, Qiulin Zhang as Granny Jia, Yanyu Guo as Aunt Xue, and The Monk with be performed by Randall Nakano. The Flowers and Handmaidens are Amina Edris, Toni Marie Palmertree, and Zanda Svede. The Stones and Eunuchs are Pene Pati, Alex Boyer, and Edward Nelson. Stan Lai is the stage director and Ian Robertson is our chorus master with George Manahan leading the San Francisco Opera Orchestra and Chorus for this production.