Federal Climate Report Says Texas Among States Hardest Hit

Nov 28, 2018

Credit Courtesy: Fourth National Climate Assessment

FEDERAL CLIMATE REPORT - Texas is among the states hit hardest by climate change. That's according to a federal report released Friday.   Forecasts in the "National Climate Assessment" suggest natural weather events common in the state --- like hurricanes and heat waves --- will increase in intensity and frequency.

John Nielson-Gammon is the Texas state climatologist with Texas A&M University who worked on the study. He told public radio's Texas Standard the supply of water, food and energy is also of growing concern.           

John Nielson-Gammon is Regents Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University. He also serves as the Texas State Climatologist.
Credit Courtesy: Climate Change National Forum

Climate change is going to really force the state to make some trade-offs into who gets what water and how that gets distributed.," explained  Nielson-Gammon. "That's the biggest economic impact, I think, on the short term."   

The report also highlighted state policies that are effectively managing the effects of climate change -- such as the statewide master plan to protect the Texas Gulf Coast against storms and other hazards.