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Attack on Israel Unites North Louisiana Jewish Community

Voice of America News

a large number of people in the North Louisiana Jewish community are mourning the victims of the attack on Israel, and worry about what’s next for their friends, family and loved ones who remain in Israel.

The deadly attacks against Israel on Saturday, October 7, have been forever burned into the collective consciousness of the Jewish community in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Of the 400 or so people of the community leaders say everyone has a direct or close connection with victims of the attacks. It is little wonder when you consider at least 1,400 people were killed, with well over three thousand others injured, and the nearly 200 Israelis kidnapped.

Associated Press News

Now, massive numbers of Israeli troops amass along the border, preparing to go inside Gaza to confront members of the terrorist group Hamas that carried out the attacks.As all these developments have been unfolding in the last week and a half, a large number of people in the local Jewish community have mourned the attack victims. And they’re worried about what’s next for their loved ones still in Israel.
The executive director of the North Louisiana Jewish Federation, Barbara Joseph, helped organize a solidarity gathering after the attacks “which is really important for people to feel like they could be together and talk about the event and share stories and got a lot of support from other faith groups and elected officials, which was nice to have that support, and their presence there.


”The federation joined forces with the two synagogues to sponsor that gathering held October 11.Joseph tells us about the strength of unity. “There’s been comparisons to some of the effects that 9/11 had in the United States, in terms of it being a unifying event. So, while it’s horrible what’s happened, and our hearts are with those whose family members have died or were injured, or are missing, in a way it’s brought a lot of people together that wouldn’t normally be together.”Joseph says many people have asked how they might be able to help in some way.
Joseph says their website has a lot of information on ways to help – including one in particular:  “There has been an emergency fund set up. And those funds go directly to lots of immediate and urgent needs such as medical care, emergency services, supporting victims of terror. It’s a long list.”The website isjewishnla.org.

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