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LSUS Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement Grand Opening

Courtesy: LSUS DICE

LSUS DICE "STOREFRONT" - Louisiana State University in Shreveport held the official ribbon-cutting for the grand opening of its Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement yesterday. There were numerous guests in attendance ranging from students, LSUS faculty and staff, and local officials from city, parish, and state government. Although the DICE program has been in effect at LSUS for years, Chancellor Larry Clark explained the significance of the office’s grand opening yesterday.

“It’s very visible, where our students can come for support, where we can about what matters and why diversity and why inclusion is important and what we’re trying to do,” Clark said.

The office of DICE is located on the first floor of LSUS University Center.
C. Smith
The office of DICE is located on the first floor of LSUS University Center.

Dr. Keena Franklin is the Assistant Provost for DICE. She says having a more visible office in LSUS’s University Center will offer convenience for students and others who wish to participate in DICE’s various programs.

“We have workshops that seek to enlighten and expose on topics and patterns of behavior and just moving the needle forward in terms of diversity to a positive place,” Franklin explained.

C. Smith

Dr. Franklin also said that in addition to providing a safe place for diverse social engagement, the office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement will hold special public events to celebrate our area’s diversity. LSUS’s office of diversity, inclusion, and community engagement is not just a resource for students. Dr. Franklin encourages the public to explore opportunities at DICE. To learn more: Go to the website: www.dice.lsus.edu

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