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More Texas Voters Registered Could Mean Higher Turnout

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

EARLY VOTING BEGINS -  Today Texas voters head to the polls for the 2020 Texas Primaries.  Primary elections are where parties choose their nominees to compete in the general election in November.  Most polling places are open from 7am to 7pm.  If you're voting in person, remember to bring a photo ID — though you can still cast a ballot if you sign a form declaring you had a reasonable impediment to getting an acceptable form of ID.  If you plan to vote by mail, make sure you've sent an application to vote by mail by the February 21st deadline.

Texas doesn't have party registration, so you can vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary — but not in both.  Texas voters will play a big part in the yet-unsettled race for the Democratic nomination for president — but there are also races for congress, the state legislature and county offices on the primary ballot.   Early voting runs through Friday February 28th. Election Day is March 3rd. 
MORE REGISTERED TEXAS VOTERS -  There could be record numbers of voters  turning out for the Texas Primary,  Stephen Chang, with the Secretary of State's office, says the potential for that big voter turnout is possible based on record registration.   It's increased  15% in four years.

“Texas actually hit a record high on registered voters," Chang explained. "As of January we had 16.1 million registered voters here in the state of Texas. Compared to 2016 at this time that number was 14.1 million. So we're looking at an increase of 2 million voters since the last Presidential election.” 

Early voting  for  Texas primary   starts February 18th and runs through February 28th.  Election  day is March 3rd, so-called Super Tuesday.

For Texas I.D. requirements, CLICK THIS LINK:  Texas Voter I.D.