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Climate Change Conversation Takes Place At LSUS

Courtesy: C-Change Conversations

CLIMATE CHANGE-   Stories on Climate change often make news headlines – just this past week there was a story about a record high temperature in Antarctica – a place we normally think of as forever frozen…but the high reported last week was a record-breaking  65 degrees…that caught attention.   But just how much do you know about climate change and the science behind it, and what impact will it have on you now and in the future?  This morning at 10-AM  at  LSU  in Shreveport - The Shreveport Garden Study Club, in conjunction with Shreveport Green and Louisiana State University-Shreveport is holding an event to explore one of the most urgent issues of our time: The non-partisan  C-Change Conversations Primer is  an  engaging  program  that  uses  visual  and scientific  data  to  provide  an assessment of what Climate  Change  means to us  today and in the future.   Kathleen Biggins is founder of C-Change Conversations.                                

Credit Courtesy: C-Change Conversations
Courtesy: C-Change Conversations
Kathleen Biggins, founder of C-Change Conversations will appear at LSU-Shreveport for a presentation on Monday, Feb. 10th, 2020.

Biggins  says  the  presentation   takes  partisan  politics  out  of  the  topic  and  instead  gives  a  practical  look  at  how  public policy  and  climate  intersect  and  how   it  all affects  the  economy,  job growth,  personal safety and security,  and  geopolitical instability.

The C-Change Conversation Primer takes place today beginning at 10am at LSUS. It’s a Free event but you need to register: Eventbrite.com /ClimateChange-Shreveport