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Caddo Culture Day Highlights Native Heritage In Alto, Texas This Saturday

Courtesy: Chase Foreman/TPWD

CADDO MOUNDS STATE HISTORICAL SITE -Caddo Culture Day is coming up this Saturday at Caddo Mounds State Historical Site near Alto, Texas.  Members of the Caddo Nation in Oklahoma will be participating in this event celebrating their heritage.  Our reporter from East Texas,  Wynter Chauvin has more on this story.

Approaching the Caddo Mounds State Historical Site, you get an idea of what life must have been like when the land was populated by the Caddo people.  The property contains the remains of a Caddo village and ceremonial center, including a large bee hive shaped grass house, historic mounds, and the Snake Woman’s garden . On April 13, this Saturday, you can be a part of Caddo Culture Day and experience the site in a special way.  According to Assistant Site Director, Rachel Galan, “Caddo Culture Day is the one time  a year you can really come out and enjoy and interact with the Caddo people .  The Caddo people have been absent from East Texas, as a cultural group since 1836.  So this is a really special way for them to come back to their ancestral land and share who they are.”

Credit Courtesy: Caddo Mounds State Historical Site
Courtesy: Chase Foreman/TPWD
Caddo dancers will perform during this year's Caddo Culture Day at Caddo Mounds Historical Site near Alto, Texas this Saturday.

On Caddo Culture Day there will be activities for the entire family including clay pot making, children’s activities, learning about edible wild plants, art exhibits and guided walks.  Galan gives some highlights of the planned activities,

Caddo Cultural Day lasts from 10 to 3. We usually schedule the Caddo Dances to start on the half hour. At 10:00, Elena will be giving her Caddo Language Presentation,  At 11;00 visitors can take a foraging hike with Brandi McDaniel, who will be coming in from San Antonio and at 1:00 they can take a hike with Dr. Victor Galan and learn about the archeology of Caddo Mounds. “

Cameras are permitted and lawn chairs or blankets are encouraged. Admission is free. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.VisitCaddoMounds.com