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Final Debate for Louisiana's US Senate Seat Gets Rowdy

Courtesy- Fair Use / Public Domain

FINAL DEBATE FOR LOUISIANA'S US SENATE CANDIDATES -  The organizers of the final debate for the Louisiana US Senate candidates got plenty of fireworks at Dillard University ranging from protestors outside the auditorium to heated exchanges from the candidates on stage.  There was plenty of action as student protestors voiced their displeasure against having a former Klu Klux Klansman appear on the campus of a historically black college as well as not being allowed inside the auditorium.   Voters get to chose from the crowded ballot on November 8th,  a run-off is expected.

Credit Courtesy-Debbie Elliot / NPR News
Courtesy-Debbie Elliot / NPR News
DEBATE PROTESTS-This was the scene Wednesday night outside the auditorium as the final debate among candidates for the US Senate seat for Louisiana took place.