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STEM Day steers high school seniors toward challenging majors


Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas, is hosting its STEM Day Friday. The college will bring in about 200 area high school seniors for a day that’s meant to inspire them about careers in science, technology, engineering and math. David Rusk is the associate director of the college’s math and science division. He teaches engineering courses. He said as freshmen, he may have 50 declared engineering majors, but only about one in five will actually graduate in that major after two years.

“A lot of the students today are looking for something that is easy, and that steers them away from science, technology, engineering or mathematics," Rusk said.

The students will do hands-on activities in the morning. Later, they’ll attend a panel discussion featuring a lineup of young professionals who work in STEM fields. Rusk said the high school seniors are not far removed from the age of the panelists, and they can make a powerful impression on the seniors.

Lufkin Industries is the sponsor of Angelina College's STEM Day now in its second year.