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Explorers of the Brain

Airs Sunday, July 26, at 6 p.m. Right now, inside your head, is a three-pound, non-stop, multitasking marvel. How does it work? Why does it work that way? How can we find the answers?

Explorers of the Brain – a brand new, hour-long documentary – takes audiences to the front lines of research in brain science. From the magnetoencephalography lab at NYU, to the Center for Neuroscience at UC Davis, to the Digital Brain Bank and at several stops in between, we meet a dozen leading scientists and engineers working to bring us closer to a fundamental understanding of how and why the brain does what it does.

The pace of discovery in neuroscience today is astonishing. And momentum is building. There will always be things about the brain that are fundamentally unknowable, but those gaps are being made smaller because researchers from a broad array of disciplines are pooling their expertise, and because new tools are making new insights possible and freeing scientists to ask questions that could never before be asked. What are some of those new tools, new insights, new questions? This is the story of Explorers of the Brain.

Explorers of the Brain was produced by award-winning documentary producer and author Richard Paul in association with the National Science Foundation.