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Carthage, Texas, landman works doggedly to be debt free

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James Carroll

A 26-year-old independent petroleum landman in Carthage, Texas, has held 17 jobs in his life. LSU alumnus James Carroll was recently featured in a CNNMoney article about job-hunting millennials. It profiled 20-somethings from across the country who’ve held numerous jobs over relatively short periods in search of the ideal job. Carroll thinks he’s found his calling as a landman.

“I really enjoy it. It’s really challenging and dynamic. Every situation is different. We’re reviewing titles and deeds and determining ownership," Carroll said.

Carroll graduated from LSU in 2010 with a degree in agricultural business and economics. He was $26,000 in debt. He’s managed pay it all off in just two years. Now, he said he's opening investment and retirement accounts to make his money work for him. Carroll’s advice to new college graduates is to stay positive about the job hunt and reign in frivolous spending.

“Really look at your budget and understand the value of your money and where it would be best spent," Carroll said. "Don’t eat out as much. Cut back on the social budget. Work hard and keep putting money toward your debt.”

Carroll plans to attend law school in the fall, but he says he’s already devised a way to get through those three years with minimal debt.