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'Object' painting show is debut for Shreveport digital artists

Kate Archer Kent

Two Shreveport digital artists open their first fine art show tonight at artspace in downtown Shreveport. The exhibit, “Object,” features mostly acrylic paintings by Joe Bluhm and Adam Volker. By day, the two are co-workers at Moonbot Studios. But outside of work, they’re finding an outlet on the canvas. Bluhm finds painting moves him in a different creative direction – that’s tangible.

“In working in a digital field -- Photoshop and doing things on the computer -- the art is just as beautiful and it can be just as great, but there’s not one flawed piece at the end," Bluhm said, during an interview at artspace. "There’s not a one-of-a-kind thing you can hold and touch and look at in person.”

The show offers a first glimpse of the work from these emerging fine artists. Volker said  it seemed more feasible to attempt a show with his co-worker and friend then go it alone. He said  they push each other in a good way.

“An artist’s life is filled with a lot of doubt, and so when someone else is doing it, and struggling with the same things, then we knew we’d be able to pull it off as a pair," Volker said.

The exhibit “Object” showcases paintings of everyday objects that on a deeper level depict something else. It runs through Jan. 11. Tonight’s opening reception will feature local food and music from 6 - 9 p.m.