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Travel In Texas Expected Near Pre-pandemic Level For Thanksgiving


THANKSGIVING TRAVEL – Over the next 24 hours millions of folks will be taking to the highways to visit family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. About 4 million of those will be Texans and according to Daniel Armbruster with the American Automobile Association’s offices in Dallas that will be a significant 12-percent increase in travel volume from last year.

“So, for this Thanksgiving between Wednesday and Sunday, AAA Texas is predicting that we will see 3.9 million Texans traveling 50 miles or more for leisure. 3.6 million, or 92 percent, will actually be going by car,” Ambruster said.

Courtesy: AAA

The rest will travel by plane, bus, train, and cruise ship. Armbruster says this year’s Thanksgiving travel volume is expected to almost reach pre-pandemic levels, coming close to the near-record 4.1 million Texans who traveled around the same time in 2019.

Now if you’re one of those millions of folks traveling on the highways tomorrow – filling up the gas tank is going to be a little higher this Thanksgiving. According to AAA the national average is about $3.40 / gallon. Texas drivers are paying an average of $2.99/gallon. Arkansas motorists are paying about $3.02/ gallon. Louisiana drivers are paying around $3.12 /gallon on average.