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STORM CONCERNS - A potential tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico presents troubles for coastal Louisiana and Mississippi : there’s the  possibility that the flooded Mississippi River will be topping its  levees this weekend, and there’s a danger of flash floods like the one that occurred  in  New Orleans Wednesday.   Governor John Bel Edwards held a press conference late yesterday to to declare a state of emergency.



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GRAHAM-CASSIDY HEALTHCARE BILL - The latest effort to repeal and replace  The  Affordable Care Act,  commonly known as “Obama-Care” is a bill crafted by Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy and South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham,  both republicans.  The “Graham-Cassidy” bill would establish a Block-Grant  system to states to cover healthcare costs for Medicaid recipients… Senator Cassidy told CNN yesterday how the bill would work.“Our bill gives the Governor responsibility, which she or he may not want, but that’s the best way to get people covered," But Louis


WHAT LOUISIANIANS THINK - The 2017 Louisiana Survey is the sixteenth in an annual series sponsored by the Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs at Louisiana State University’s Manship School of Mass Communication. The mission of the Louisiana Survey is to establish benchmarks as well as to capture change in residents’ assessments of state government services. The survey is further dedicated to tracking public opinion on the contemporary policy issues that face the state.  For more information: