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GOOD BUT COULD BE BETTER - According to an economist with the Dallas Fed, the Texas economy will continue to expand this year but the oil and gas energy sector is expected to keep it from being even better. Speaking in San Antonio at an event by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, economist Keith Phillips said he expects the Texas economy to be even stronger than the nation’s.  That’s despite job losses in the oil and gas industry. 

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BOB GRIFFIN PASSES AWAY – A local Television personality and broadcast pioneer passed away yesterday.  Bob Griffin started his television career here in Shreveport in the early 1960’s.    Born in Ft.

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RECALL EFFORT -    There were two press conferences held at government plaza in downtown Shreveport yesterday.  One was by a group who are organizing a recall of city councilwoman  LeVette Fuller who represents District B  for her recent deciding vote against a proposal to have a binding memorandum of understanding between the city and a developer who wants to build a mixed-use residential, commercial and recreational project along Cross Bayou just north of downtown.  The developer wants the city to acquire 88 acres to facilitate the estimated $1 Billion-dollar-plus project

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REAL I.D. – LICENSES -  Starting  October 1st,  anyone 18 years of age or older will need a REAL ID compliant driver’s license or ID card to fly in the U.S. or to enter federal facilities.  There is growing concern about  misinformation  about  REAL ID and voting as many states including Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas require  some  form  of I.D.

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TEXAS RURAL LAND VALUES - A new report shows an increase in rural land values in Texas.  According to a new Texas Lands Trend Report --- from 1997 to 2017, the Lone Star state’s population increased from 19 Million residents to 29 Million. Raul Lopez is the Director for Texas A&M’s Natural Resources Institute. 

"More people means more demand on rural land," Lopez explained. "A greater demand for rural land means an increase in value."


January is National Mentoring Month and in Longview, Texas  the local non-profit, Partners for Prevention, held a celebration of their mentors  at City Hall last Friday.  Our reporter Suzanne Scribner has more. 

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DON'S RESTAURANT IN FLAMES -  Shreveport Fire Department responded to an early call  this morning to the intersection of King’s Highway and Highland Avenue to battle a building fire – when they arrived, firefighters found the old Don’s Seafood restaurant ablaze.  The call came in a little before 4am this morning.  Brian Watkins with the Shreveport Fire Department told KTBS News that firefighters were working to keep the fire from spreading to nearby structures.

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MEMO OF UNDERSTANDING VOTE –Shreveport’s City Council  met  before  a  standing room only crowd  late yesterday afternoon as attendance was high because of one particular item on the agenda.  The council was to vote on a binding memorandum of understanding between the city and a development group Gateway Consortium – the purpose of which was aimed at entering  a “good-faith negotiation on a master development agreement for an estimated $1 billion-plus dollar project.  Currently Gateway Consortium developers have  proposed  a mixed-use development of living and commercial sp

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LA TEACHER GETS GRAMMY HONORS -  Last night was the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles –the Recording Academy’s night celebrating the best in music, including songs, albums,  performers, music writers, and producers.  But a special Grammy recognition was paid to a Louisiana Music teacher from the Lake Charles area , Mickey Smith, Jr. has been teaching music to students at Maplewood Middle School in Sulphur, Louisiana for 15 years.

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HEALTH CONCERNS -   Using Electronic Cigarettes or Vaping has been promoted as being safer than smoking tobacco and some studies  show  it  may help  people kick the cigarette habit. But is vaping safe?  The fastest growing segment of the population turning to vaping is not older smokers trying to quit,  but young people college age and even younger.  Louisiana is among 42 states where you can be as young as 18 years of age to legally purchase and use vaping products.   But health concerns are mounting.