Red River Radio Local News Segment

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

RURAL COMMUNITIES DECLINE  - Louisiana’s Gov. John Bel Edwards has created a study group aimed at identifying and responding to the decline of rural communities.  Population  in  Louisiana’s  rural areas  has  dwindled  amid  problems  with  job creation, infrastructure  and  education systems.  Last Friday,  the  Democratic governor spoke at the Police Jury Association of Louisiana’s annual convention in Shreveport,  he  emphasized  the need  to  address problems  in  rural  communities.

Courtesy: Environmental Integrity Project

EXCEEDS RECOMMENDED LEVELS - A recent report  finds ten oil refineries in the  United States released more of a cancer-causing pollutant into the air than federal guidelines allow.

Courtesy: Shreve Memorial Library

BLACK HISTORY MONTH –SML:  February is Black History Month and many different events are taking place throughout the Red River Radio listening area.  For this segment we focus on just a few of things happening  at  different branches of the Shreve Memorial Library.

One program is the African-American Read In, People encouraged to celebrate by attending and participating in open mic events to include readings of  poetry and literature  by African Americans.   Ivy Woodard-Latin with Shreve Memorial Library explains more.

Courtesy: La. Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

BP SPILL FUNDING - Louisiana will get $130 million in BP/Deepwater Horizon  oil spill money to link its second-largest coastal swamp back up to the Mississippi River.  The RESTORE council made up of officials from the five Gulf states and several federal agencies  voted  to  fund  the  River Reintroduction into the Maurepas  Swamp project.

Courtesy: City of Shreveport

WHITEHORN BEFORE  CITY COUNCIL -  Shreveport’s Mayor Adrian Perkins has recommended former United States Marshall Henry Whitehorn to fill the new Chief Administrative Officer Position for the city.  Whitehorn is a longtime public servant with a long resume,  he appeared before the City Council last Monday and explained what his experience would bring to the position.

Courtesy: United Way NW La. & Providence House

EARLY EDUCATION -   The 3rd Annual Louisiana Early Education Week is underway  and to highlight this occasion,  there's  a special event taking place later this morning at Providence House Child Development Center in Downtown Shreveport.    Local business leaders and legislators  will come together to gain a better appreciation  for  high quality early childcare, especially  among disadvantaged families.

Courtesy: SFASU

FIXED RATE TUITION OPTION - Starting in the fall, Students at Stephen F. Austin State University will have the option to participate in a fixed-rate tuition and fee plan. SFA President Dr. Scott Gordon explains,  “This new tuition model which fixes the fee at twelve credit hours and a student can take thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, all the way up to 21 hours for the same price as twelve. We’ve done the calculations and it is about a $10,000 savings of a four year education using the fixed rate plan taking 15 hours [a semester].”

Courtesy: C-Change Conversations

CLIMATE CHANGE-   Stories on Climate change often make news headlines – just this past week there was a story about a record high temperature in Antarctica – a place we normally think of as forever frozen…but the high reported last week was a record-breaking  65 degrees…that caught attention.   But just how much do you know about climate change and the science behind it, and what impact will it have on you now and in the future?

Courtesy: Rational Middle Films

SHREVEPORT ARCHITECTURE DOCUMENTARY-  There was a press conference in the Remington Suite Hotel lobby in downtown Shreveport yesterday. The purpose was to announce a world premiere screening of a documentary focusing on two local Shreveport men whose work has made a global impact in the world of post-modern architecture. Local filmmaker Gregory Kallenberg announced the film "Unexpected Modernism: The Wiener Brothers Story" will have its first showing at Shreveport's Strand Theater on April 2nd.

Courtesy: City of Longview, TX

LONGVIEW PODCAST-  2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of Longview, Texas.  The city has planned events throughout the year, including the 150 stories podcast project  by the Longview Library.  Our reporter Suzanne Scribner spoke with Longview library director Jennifer Eldridge about the project.