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ARKANSAS GOVERNOR  MEETS PRESIDENT TRUMP – On Wednesday President  Donald Trump met with Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly  to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.   Following brief remarks from all, the president answered reporters' questions on a number of topics including mail-in ballots and the president’s concerns with them.  Many states are considering  emergency mail-in voting so as to provide voters access and protection from getting infected by the Coronavirus.  The President asked Governor Hutchinson share some thoughts on Mail-In Voting. 

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FAILED NCAA GUIDELINES - The National Collegiate Athletic Association , (the NCAA ) says Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas will vacate 289 wins and conference championships across multiple sports as punishment for inaccurately certifying players’ academic  eligibility from 2013-2019. 

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COVID19 IN NURSING HOMES - According to the Louisiana Department of Health there are 436 nursing homes and adult care facilities in the state.   And for the first time since April 1st, LDH is identifying all of the state’s nursing homes with COVID-19 cases.   Along with the names of facilities, the department is also releasing  the number of residents and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 and the number of residents who have died from the disease.  64% of the state's nursing homes have been infected by the coronavirus and the Highland Place Rehabilitation and Nurs

HEALTH COVERAGE GAP - A new report from the Episcopal Health Foundation in Houston  predicts the number of uninsured people in Texas could skyrocket next year following the COVID-19 outbreak.  An estimated 1.2 million Texans who have lost their jobs and their employer-sponsored insurance, are   currently eligible for either Medicaid or subsidized plans through the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

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ARKANSAS NURSING HOMES – Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has a goal to test 2% of the state’s population for the coronavirus by the end of May, Hutchinson announced he also wants to test every resident and employee of nursing homes in Arkansas . He made this announcement yesterday at his Covid-19 update in Little Rock.

“This will result in approximately 40,000 to 50,000 new tests simply by testing staff and nursing home residents next month, in June, in those facilities,” Hutchinson explained.

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BATON ROUGE — Louisiana  House legislative leaders are clashing with Gov. John Bel Edwards over how to use Louisiana’s $535 million budget surplus, as the state faces new budget pressures during the coronavirus outbreak.   The Democratic governor  has proposed  to spend much of the surplus on state building repairs, road and bridge work, coastal protection projects and levee work. The Edwards’ administration says the projects could stimulate an economy struggling because of the pandemic and put people to work.

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FILES LAWSUIT - A Louisiana minister is suing state and local officials, claiming they threatened and harassed him about the pandemic ban on large gatherings.  The Advocate reports that pastor Tony Spell of the Life Tabernacle Church near Baton Rouge  also claims that his phone was tapped and a camera illegally installed at his home, and that he was followed.  Officials of several agencies named in the suit denied the allegations in the federal civil rights lawsuit filed late last week in federal court in Baton Rouge.

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GAMING INDUSTRY DELAY-   A big part of Louisiana’s economy includes the gaming industry, as there are 20 casinos and 199 truck stop video facilities that generate $700 million in annual state taxes.  The gaming business also employs a lot of people both directly and indirectly so there’s a lot at stake at having these businesses reopen  even  if partially as outlined in Governor John Bel Edwards  Phase One Coronavirus guidelines.


BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION - Experts say to expect more bankruptcies in the oil and gas industry over the coming months. The coronavirus pandemic and a global oversupply of oil continues to keep prices low.  So low that companies are reporting billions in losses, slashing budgets, and laying off workers.   Charlie Beckham specializes in oil and gas bankruptcies at the Texas law firm Haynes and Boone located in Houston.  He says companies may not be making enough money to pay off their debt.

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EARTHQUAKE IN EL DORADO, ARK - The United States Geological Survey reported a 2.75 magnitude earthquake occurred  in El Dorado, Arkansas  at 9:49 a.m. yesterday morning.    The earthquake was reportedly at a depth of more than 7 miles and to have reached a minimum distance of just under 16 miles. Lt. Andrew Russell with the El Dorado Police Department explained what happened.