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OVERNIGHT SPIKE - Governor John Bel Edwards has said the rapid growth of Coronavirus cases in Louisiana is very alarming as Wednesday marked the biggest one-day spike in cases and deaths in the state.   During his press conference yesterday,  Edwards explained this is a rapidly escalating public health emergency and that the critical shortage of ventilators is a major concern.

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LANDLORDS HELP- It would be nothing short of understatement to say the Coronavirus Pandemic has been a major disruption in people’s lives.  Everyone has been affected in some way.  And with business closures, even if temporary, it will have a real impact, especially for those employed in the foodservice industry, like waiters and bartenders.  These wage earners now find themselves without a steady paycheck due to the emergency orders for people to stay at home. Many businesses like restaurants are closed.

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STAY-AT-HOME ORDER   The “Stay-at-Home” Emergency Order issued by  Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards went into effect yesterday at 5pm.  The order was issued as means to get people to comply with physical or social distancing and avoid large groups of 10 or more.  The order means many businesses and offices have closed temporarily.  Some Businesses allowed to stay open include:  grocery stores, pharmacies, healthcare and mental health services, restaurants with delivery or take-out orders only. 

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LOUISIANIAN'S ORDERED TO  STAY AT HOME - Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards issued a “Stay At Home” order late Sunday afternoon,   During his press conference, Edwards explained the number of cases of Covid-19 detected in Louisiana have been increasing week-to-week.

"Two weeks ago today there were zero confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Louisiana," Edwards explained. "One week ago last Sunday morning we had 91 confirmed cases, as of this morning we now have 837 confirmed cases and 20 deaths."

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UNION COUNTY  ARK. COVID-19    Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson held a press conference yesterday, the purpose of which was to give an update on the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the state. Hutchinson pointed out that while this number was a jump in Coronavirus cases in Arkansas,  the results were reflective of an increase in testing that has been going on in the state.  

"Yesterday, I reported that we had 118 cases in Arkansas, today we have 165 positive test results," Hutchinson explained.

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ADDRESSING CONCERNS -  Yesterday afternoon Bossier Parish leaders held a news conference to  reassure citizens on matters relating to COVID-19 and to address some rumors floating about.  Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington said he has received several inquiries about massive lockdowns  and other concerns.    

"There are no plans for massive lockdowns," Whittington said. "No closing of interstates, no martial law, no none of that."

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EXECUTIVE ORDER-    The Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services has declared a Public Health Disaster. All schools, bars, dining areas of restaurants,  gyms  and fitness centers are ordered to close in Texas to prevent community spread of the Novel Coronavirus.  Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference saying the directives are in line with the latest guidance from federal health authorities. 

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MORE COVID-19 CASES EXPECTED - Governor John Bel Edwards  held a press conference  yesterday in Baton Rouge and said Louisiana's Coronavirus situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. So far Louisiana has 280 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 7 related deaths.  Edwards has ordered the closure of all schools, restaurants, bars, and any public venues where 50 or more people would attend in an effort  to avoid community spread of the Coronavirus.  The disruption to business in Louisiana has been criticized  to which Edwards explained why he took these measures.

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LA UNEMPLOYMENT DUE TO CORONAVIRUS MITIGATION -  With the closure of several businesses in the hospitality industry due to the Coronavirus mitigation measures mandated by the state,  thousands of Louisianans will likely be facing unemployment. Yesterday The Louisiana Workforce Commission released new policies which may make more people eligible for unemployment insurance.

At a press conference yesterday,  Louisiana Workforce Commission Secretary Ava Dejoie  made  the announcement explaining the new unemployment benefit policies.

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THREE COVID-19 CASES IN CADDO - Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins held a press conference Sunday to give an update on matters concerning the Novel Coronavirus and its impact on the city of Shreveport and surrounding areas.  His announcements included the latest number of persons who have tested Presumptive Positive for the Virus in Caddo Parish.