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LA MEDICAL MARIJUANA EXPANSION – On Tuesday,   Governor  John Bel Edwards officially signed into law a bill to greatly expand Louisiana's medical marijuana program.  The Governor’s pen allows doctors to recommend it as treatment for any patient they believe it would help.  Before Tuesday’s signing -- medical marijuana could only be recommended, but not be officially prescribed by licensed physicians in Louisiana.

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  As more state economies re-open during the Coronavirus pandemic,  there have been growing concerns among business owners and operators  about exposure to not just Covid-19 but also to legal liabilities should a customer or employee claim they contracted the illness while  at  the business.  State lawmakers in Arkansas had considered holding a special session to address passing immunity bills however majority support from both house and senate had paved the way for  Governor Asa Hutchinson  to sign  three executive orders yesterday  that included Covid-19

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URGING PRECAUTIONS - Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards  says he's worried too many people are ignoring public health officials’ continued calls for precautions when visiting restaurants, grocery stores and group gatherings as more Louisiana businesses reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.      

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CORONER’S FINDINGS -    A report released yesterday by the Caddo Coroner’s office  reveals  the  man who died in Shreveport Police custody in early April-- died of natural causes but also states his death could possibly have been prevented.  According to the Shreveport Times– Coroner- - Dr.

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TEXAS RIG COUNT-  The price of oil and gas has been increasing a little lately but the number of new oil and gas drilling permits issued in Texas has declined sharply over the past few months.   The Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates the industry, reports permits for new wells in May were down more than 300 percent  [318.3% ] compared to the same time last year.  Ed Longanecker, who heads the Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association, expects the plunge in production to continue. 

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ARREST VIDEO DISCOVERED -  According to several media reports  – Shreveport Chief of Police Ben Raymond has placed Four Shreveport Police Officers on departmental  leave after a cellphone video was discovered allegedly showing police officers beating Tommie  McGlothen  while he was being arrested.   It has been reported that McGlothen died shortly after --while in custody on April 5th.

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PRICE OF A PANDEMIC -  There is a lot going on with the nation’s economy as far as job numbers,  business closures, and the fluctuation of oil prices; much of which has been influenced by the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic as businesses were disrupted by stay-at-home orders and social distancing.  As states gradually reopen, many local economies are struggling to find some sense of normal,  and everyone is probably wondering what the overall cost of the pandemic will mean for their businesses,  their families, their livelihoods and their futures.  

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SHREVEPORT UNITY MARCH -  There were peaceful protests and marches that occurred over the weekend in the downtown area in Shreveport.  On Sunday -  Mayor Adrian Perkins and other city officials  joined faith leaders,  and community members for a Unity March from Old Galilee Baptist Church to Little Union Baptist Church.  Mayor Perkins took a few moments to address the crowd.

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LA HIGHER EDUCATION – While colleges and universities are working towards reopening in the fall,  there is considerable concern over what the after-effect of the coronavirus pandemic will have on higher education and in particular enrollment and funding.   This past Wednesday,  higher education officials met in Baton Rouge to discuss money with Louisiana House Appropriations committee members.  LSU Interim President Tom Galligan explained what  impact  the pandemic  had  on the university’s accounting ledger. 

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TROPICAL STORM CRISTOBAL — Louisiana residents are being warned to get ready for Tropical Storm Cristobal. According to the National Weather Service -- the storm is on track for a direct hit to the state by the weekend. While areas like coastal Louisiana and major urban centers like New Orleans and Baton Rouge are most at risk, during his press conference late Wednesday,  Gov. John Bel Edwards warned all Louisianans should take.

"Everything in Louisiana will likely be impacted," Edwards said. "Obviously the further south, the more impact you can expect."