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RENT ASSISTANCE  SUSPENDED-  The state of Louisiana has suspended an emergency rent assistance program to help with the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19 after more than 40,000 people started  filling out applications in less than four days.   Last Thursday, Governor John Bel  Edwards  announced  the Louisiana Housing Corporation had set aside $24 million of federal money for the program.  At the time the agency estimated they had enough money to help about 10,000 tenants, around $7 million on  hand  to immediately  pay  rent  directly to landlords.

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

RENT ASSISTANCE -  Financial experts say it’s a good plan to have some cash set aside for emergencies and most recommend  having at least 6 weeks take-home pay saved up for those unpredictable things like unforeseen home or car repairs,  or temporary job losses due to layoffs or illness.

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

COVID-19 NUMBERS -   Everyday   news reports are loaded with the latest numbers regarding Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations, ,  presumed-recoveries and deaths.  These numbers can either be illuminating or confusing depending on how they’re presented and interpreted.  Social media is loaded with discussions and debates over which numbers are significant when considering the severity of outbreaks.    But some numbers are better indicators than others, three numbers in particular.

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VP VISITS LA .- Vice President Mike Pence paid Louisiana a visit yesterday.  The purpose of which was for  Pence, who is chairman of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, to speak with Governor John Bel Edwards and other state leaders  about the state’s response to the Covid-19 surge.  At gathering inside LSU's Tiger Stadium,  Pence  described the nation as “in a much better position today to deal with the pandemic”  even as virus cases surge across much of the country.

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SCHOOL REOPENING PLANS – The Caddo Parish School System in Northwest Louisiana  announced Monday that the coming school year reopening will be delayed a bit.  During a press conference yesterday, School Superintendent  Lamar  Goree said the district plans are to  push  back  the  start date from August 10th to  August 24th.   It’s all due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Goree  explained this effort  is to get kids back to school  safely.           

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COVID-19 SURGES - Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced  Saturday  a statewide mask mandate, putting tougher limits on group gatherings and shuttering bars.  Beginning Monday,  the governor's proclamation requires face coverings for everyone ages 8 and older except for anyone who has a medical condition that prevents the wearing of a face covering.

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Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

LA. COVID-19 INCREASES - Governor John Bel Edwards held a Covid-19 update  yesterday afternoon for for Louisiana  as the state’s  coronavirus cases topped 70,000  Wednesday. 

"We've had three weeks now of going in the wrong direction with respect to the numbers that we're seeing on cases and hospitalizations," Edwards said.

Edwards  said most of the infections can be attributed  to Community Spread and  also  among  younger people.

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TEXAS COVID-19 SURGE -  Texas has surpassed 10,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day for the first time as a resurgence of the outbreak rages across the U.S. The record high of 10,028 confirmed cases in the Lone Star State Tuesday follows Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to mandate masks in much of the state and to close bars, retreating from what had been one of America’s fastest  reopenings.

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MASK REQUIREMENT - The  number of Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in Louisiana and while Northwest Louisiana hasn’t suffered  the brunt as bad as the southern part of the state – the increases are noticeable enough to cause alarm among local health and city officials. Latest report from the Louisiana Department of Health Shows Caddo Parish increased from 3,706 positive cases on Sunday to 3,740 on Monday and has 243 deaths related to the virus.