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GAMING INDUSTRY DELAY-   A big part of Louisiana’s economy includes the gaming industry, as there are 20 casinos and 199 truck stop video facilities that generate $700 million in annual state taxes.  The gaming business also employs a lot of people both directly and indirectly so there’s a lot at stake at having these businesses reopen  even  if partially as outlined in Governor John Bel Edwards  Phase One Coronavirus guidelines.


BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION - Experts say to expect more bankruptcies in the oil and gas industry over the coming months. The coronavirus pandemic and a global oversupply of oil continues to keep prices low.  So low that companies are reporting billions in losses, slashing budgets, and laying off workers.   Charlie Beckham specializes in oil and gas bankruptcies at the Texas law firm Haynes and Boone located in Houston.  He says companies may not be making enough money to pay off their debt.

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EARTHQUAKE IN EL DORADO, ARK - The United States Geological Survey reported a 2.75 magnitude earthquake occurred  in El Dorado, Arkansas  at 9:49 a.m. yesterday morning.    The earthquake was reportedly at a depth of more than 7 miles and to have reached a minimum distance of just under 16 miles. Lt. Andrew Russell with the El Dorado Police Department explained what happened. 

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PHASE 1 REOPENING IN LOUISIANA — Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards announced Monday that he's moving the state away from a “stay-at-home” position he enacted by Emergency Orders  in late March.  At a press conference yesterday, Edwards  said  beginning this weekend some businesses allowed to reopen with restrictions include:  churches, restaurants, hair salons, gyms, movie theaters, and casinos.

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LOUISIANA REOPENING -   Many Louisiana towns and cities are anticipating reopening for business as the Covid-19 Emergency Stay-at-Home orders have closed non-essential business from normal operations.  Last Week the City of Bossier, Louisiana’s Mayor Lo Walker held a COVID-19 Update via online video. Among several topics discussed was the Phase one re-opening guidelines as shared by the Centers for Disease Control and COVID-19 task force from the Trump Administration.

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BEEF PRICE FIXING? - Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is joining other public officials to call for a federal investigation into suspected beef industry price fixing involving meat packers in the U-S during the pandemic.   Speaking during a Republican Party of Texas Town Hall Friday, he said it was important to protect consumers as well as Texas farmers and ranchers, the nation’s largest beef producers.

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GOV ABBOTT VISITS TRUMP — President Donald Trump praised another Republican governor for rolling back state coronavirus restrictions despite failing to meet the administration's recommended benchmarks as he welcomed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to the White House on Thursday. 

“Texas is opening up and a lot of places are opening up. And we want to do it, and I'm not sure that we even have a choice. I think we have to do it. You know, this country can't stay closed and locked down for years.”                                         

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GOP LAWMAKERS MOVE TO RESTRICT  GOVERNOR'S POWERS - Attorney General Jeff Landry is calling for Gov. John Bel Edwards to allow barbershops and salons to reopen ahead of schedule.   Landry wrote in a letter to the governor that the state’s “thousands” of licensed cosmetologists are struggling to make ends meet.  Last week, Landry requested that Edwards allow churches and houses of worship to reopen.

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STATE SPENDING CUTS? -  The Louisiana Legislature is back in session after adjourning late in March due to Coronavirus concerns.   There’s a lot on tap for the coming weeks ahead and undoubtedly a big concern among lawmakers is how the Coronavirus affected state finances and what the long-lasting impact will be.


LA BIZ REOPENING GUIDELINES – Louisiana  Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Monday the state is launching a website to help businesses navigate the reopening  process  as  coronavirus  cases  and deaths  trend  downward.

"It will allow businesses to get the exact social distancing and sanitation guidelines that they need for each phase of our reopening," Edwards explained. " And it will get that information before we get to that face so they can do what is necessary to prepare."