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STATE SURPLUS & FEDERAL DOLLARS-  The state of Louisiana has a $1 billion dollar budget surplus and another billion dollars in remaining American Rescue Plan funds.  This news was shared by Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne,  the top official at the Louisiana Division of Administration, the management arm of the state government and agency responsible for developing the state’s annual budget.

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

COVID & FLU VAX?   Flu season is getting started and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend everyone 6 months of age and older to get a flu vaccine, there are rare exceptions so check with your doctor.  But is it safe to get a flu shot and covid shot at the same time?   Dr. John Vanchiere  is Professor of Pediatrics at LSU-Health Shreveport  and also Director of Community Outreach for Testing and Vaccination for Covid-19 at the Center for Emerging Viral Threats. 

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ARK DEM ON REDISTRICTING-  The new chair of the Arkansas Democratic Party says Republican proposed  redistricting maps are illegal.  In an appearance on Arkansas Public Media’s “Talk Business and Politics”,  New Democratic Party of Arkansas Chair Grant Tenille suggested the GOP’s redistricting map efforts are a deliberate,  unilateral sign  that the Arkansas Republican Party’s focus is to dominate politics in the state.

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

NWLA ECONOMIC OUTLOOK -  Like all parts of the country,  Shreveport-Bossier’s economy took a hit from the Covid Pandemic in 2020,  but one state economist says the it has improved by 57%  over last year.  According to the Shreveport-Times,   Dr.

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 GOP WHIP WON’T SAY — The U,S, House of Representatives  second-ranking  Republican, Minority Whip  Steve Scalise,  is refusing to say whether or not  the  2020 presidential  election was legitimate.  In a television interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday,  the Louisiana congressman was repeatedly  asked  directly  if he thought the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen,   a claim former President Trump has repeatedly made since Joe Biden was certified as President by Congress.

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MURPHY USA EL DORADO SHOOT OUT-   The “ 6th  Annual  Murphy USA El Dorado Shoot Out”   tees off today at the Mystic Creek Golf Club in Southern Arkansas.  It’s the 18th stop on the 2021 “Road to the LPGA”  Symetra Tour  where 108 young ladies take to the greens for cash and a shot at joining the Ladies Professional Golf Association and become designated as pro golfers. Courtney Crotty is Director for this year’s tournament.

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MORE YOUNGER PEOPLE INFECTED - Like the rest of the country,  coronavirus infection rates in East Texas have surged over the Summer  and although health officials say there are signs of a downward trend,  Covid-19 infection among persons  11 to 20 years of age living  in and around Smith County Texas is soaring.   Northeast Texas Public Health officials gave an update to the Tyler City Council yesterday afternoon during their regular session.    Northeast Texas Public Health District CEO George Roberts  explained  that even though overall infection rates began to drop in th

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YOUNGER PEOPLE INFECTED-  For the past several weeks,  the news about Covid infections on the rise has become routine as many parts of the country and especially the deep south have seen considerable increases in hospitalizations.  And doctors have noted the ages of patients are getting younger and younger than the covid surges from a year ago.  They say it’s because of the newer, more infectious Delta variant of the disease.  While the more elderly segments of the population are still at risk,  younger  people are showing up in emergency rooms unable to breathe due to Covi

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CHILDHOOD CANCER SURVIVOR IN SPACE - Louisiana native Haley Arceneaux  is a Physician’s Assistant who works at St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.  Haley graduated from LSU Health Shreveport’s  P.A. program in 2016.   And  today  she is orbiting the earth as part of an historic 4 person civilian crew on SpaceX’s Inspiration4.  The Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida last night .  Haley made history as the youngest person in space,  she is 29 years old and also a childhood cancer survivor.

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ISSUES INSURANCE MANDATE -  Louisiana Insurance Commissioner  Jim Donelon  has ordered insurance providers to pay for up to two weeks of hotel rooms and meals for residents who fled the region because of Hurricane Ida even if they weren't in mandatory evacuation zones.