KBSA and KLDN both are having tower work completed through the week.   This is work on equipment not owned by us, but we must adjust our output for the safety of their crews.   We appreciate your patience.

In compliance with section, 73.3580 of the Rules and Regulation of the FCC, KDAQ, KLSA, and KBSA have applied for a license renewal. We are required here to provide a direct link to our public inspection file, which the FCC maintains for public review. These are the links. 

KBSA - Power Outage from Storms

Power is back up at KBSA as of 8:30 this morning.    However, we did have equipment damaged from lightening.    Our audio is currently set to our lower fidelity back-up audio and our HD is off.    We will restore full audio as quickly as possible.    We apologize for the inconvenience.

Power has been restored to our KBSA-FM transmitter in El Dorado.
ATT has restored internet service and our stream is back..