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ARK COVID-19 -  Arkansas has seen its largest single-day increase in new coronavirus cases among non-incarcerated people.     Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Friday that  703 people tested positive  including 41 inmates at correctional facilities. An additional six deaths from COVID-19 increased the state’s death toll to over 200.   Speaking in his daily briefing, Hutchinson explained the State Department of Health’s Guidelines that strongly recommend people wear face-mask protection in the workplace and in public as doing so would reduce community spread of the disease. 

Courtesy: Texas Legislative Black Caucus

VIRTUAL TOWN HALLS  - The Texas Legislative Black Caucus is holding virtual town halls on what measures  state  lawmakers  should  pursue  to change  policing  and  address  racial inequality.  The series of meetings,  prompted by the police killing of George Floyd, kicked off Wednesday night.  State Representative Lorraine Birabil of Dallas is one of several Democrats urging Governor Greg Abbott to call a special legislative session. 

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"GUT CHECK" - At his press conference yesterday afternoon Governor John Bel Edwards urged Louisiana residents  to “do a real gut check” about whether they are taking enough personal precautions to lessen their coronavirus risk.  Edwards was reacting to the latest data showing a worrying rise in Covid-19 cases in Louisiana  over the last week. More than 4,200 new cases of the COVID-19 disease have been confirmed in Louisiana since June 10th.

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UNITED WAY SURVEY -  During May United Ways across Louisiana and the Louisiana Association of United Ways conducted a statewide survey to assess the impact COVID19 pandemic had on the state.  Sarah Berthelot  is President and CEO of the Louisiana Association of United Ways, she explained the  survey’s focus.

"We worked with all the United Ways throughout the state of Louisiana to promote the survey ask for Louisiana citizens to tell us about how Covid-19 has impacted their lives," Berthelot explained.

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

LA MEDICAL MARIJUANA EXPANSION – On Tuesday,   Governor  John Bel Edwards officially signed into law a bill to greatly expand Louisiana's medical marijuana program.  The Governor’s pen allows doctors to recommend it as treatment for any patient they believe it would help.  Before Tuesday’s signing -- medical marijuana could only be recommended, but not be officially prescribed by licensed physicians in Louisiana.

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  As more state economies re-open during the Coronavirus pandemic,  there have been growing concerns among business owners and operators  about exposure to not just Covid-19 but also to legal liabilities should a customer or employee claim they contracted the illness while  at  the business.  State lawmakers in Arkansas had considered holding a special session to address passing immunity bills however majority support from both house and senate had paved the way for  Governor Asa Hutchinson  to sign  three executive orders yesterday  that included Covid-19