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TEXAS SEX ED - Yesterday, the Republican-dominated Texas State Board of Education began hearing testimony on how to update sexual education standards for the first time since 1997. 19-year-old Lily Stern told board members she supports a comprehensive curriculum, which she did not have as a student.                

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

TEXAS COVID-19 SINGLE DAY SPIKE - Texas reported almost 5500 positive Covid-19 cases yesterday, a new record high for a single day.  A retiring Republican Congressman from Texas is concerned about the surge of COVID-19 cases, especially in his district.  Pete Olson said during a U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing Tuesday, he is worried about the rising number of 20 to 39-year-olds getting the virus.                     

Courtesy: Texas State Department of Health Services

TEXAS COVID-19 UPDATE:     The surge in Covid-19 case numbers  in Texas aren't slowing down the state’s reopening.  Yesterday Republican Gov. Greg Abbott  prescribed an emphasis on face coverings and social distancing to curtail sobering trends, which include hospitalization rates that have doubled since Memorial Day. He says his goal is to keep the Lone Star state open, while slowing the spread of COVID-19.  But if Covid-19 numbers  continue to hit record highs, he’s not ruling out scaling back some of Texas’ reopenings.  

Courtesy: La. Dept. of Health

RISE IN COVID-19 CASES - Louisiana Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards during his Covid-19 update yesterday announced he won't be lifting reopening restrictions that were expected to expire Friday, June 26th.  The reasons he cited  for holding back on further lifting reopening restrictions is because Louisiana has shown a spike in Covid-19 … surpassing more than 50,000 confirmed cases and  3,000 deaths.  Edwards explained that Louisiana is among the top 15 states showing an increase in Covid-19 infections.  He did share some frustration at the news as he felt the recent sp