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FIRST RESPONDERS - A big concern among medical staff, first responders and those who work in Law Enforcement is exposure to the Coronavirus.  And yesterday afternoon Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator announced that some Sheriff Department staff have tested positive.  

“We’ve had a total of five that work for the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office that have come back positive,” Prator said.

Sheriff Prator explained that precautions have  been taken to  contact  anyone  who  may  have come in  contact  with  those  who tested  positive.

Courtesy: Advocate Newspaper

HAZING BILL -   College hazing is in the news again but this time it’s the penalty for hazing which was the focus  this week in Louisiana’s House of Representatives as lawmakers considered a bill that would make Hazing a felony in Louisiana. The bill was presented by Rep. Nancy Landry – Republican from Lafayette… she explained to lawmakers that current laws made hazing just a misdemeanor. "Currently it's $10 to $100 fine for hazing and up to a 30-day sentence in jail," explained Rep. Nancy Landry (R-Lafayette).

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

NEW BUS TERMINAL:  Hundreds of people crowded into the brand  new  City Bus Terminal for its ribbon cutting in Shreveport yesterday.   Among the special guests were Louisiana’s  Governor  John Bel Edwards.   The facility dubbed the Sportran Intermodal Terminal is the first of its kind in the state featuring no-emission electric buses with special battery technology. It  also has another unique distinction as Edwards pointed out.