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New Building Fund

Dear Red River Radio Supporter, 

I am excited to announce that Red River Radio will soon have a new home.   Many of you know that we have long needed a new studio facility.   Separately from our regular fund drives, we have raised over $600,000 to build new studios and have already started construction.   Some very generous people and several foundations have quietly contributed to this effort.  

We are now raising the final funds to complete the project and buy the equipment needed for the new studios.   This new facility will enable us to feature many more programs produced right here at home.   For the first time in our history, we’ll have the production capacity to really meet our community’s needs.   We’ll also sound better than ever. Follow the Images to see details of the new design.

I hope you’ll make a special gift to a project that will leave a legacy for decades to come by contributing in one of these ways:

  • For a contribution of $1,000 or more, your name will be added to our wall of honor – the glass wall that leads into our new performance studio.   All major donors will be listed here.
  • For a contribution of $500-$999, your name will be part of a unique display inside our new entrance.   This display will consist of CDs formed into a work of art that will reflect a prism of light in our lobby.   Each CD will bear the name of a contributor.
  • For a contribution of $100, your name will be placed on a paving brick lining the entrance to our building.  You may have additional bricks for each $100 contributed.

There are also naming opportunities available for larger contributions.   You may call me at 800-552-8502 for more information.
Thank you for your consideration of this request.   You can be a solid part of the foundation of Red River Radio’s future by contributing now to our building fund.   And thank you for supporting Red River Radio through our regular pledge drives.



Kermit Poling
General Manager
Red River Radio