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Teach, Reach, Inspire - Alternative Education

Dr. Tracey Burrell
Dr. Tracey Burrell
Red River Radio

Alternative education has been an option for students since the 1830s. Although the definition is very broad and often includes options such as montessori, magnet, and charter schools, many believe that alternative education is designed for students who haven’t been successful in regular schools, often due to behavioral issues or learning disabilities. Airs 10/26/22 at 6 pm.

Here to offer an accurate description of alternative education are three educational leaders who have spent many years serving in this vineyard.

Katina Lane, 22 year veteran educator in all levels in Alternative Education

Coach Lorenza Baker, veteran alternative school educator and current principal of Butler Educational Complex in Bossier Parish

Dr. LaShonda Ford, veteran alternative school educator and CEO of Greauxing Minds LLC