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Teach, Reach, Inspire: The Diversity Gap

Dr. Tracey Burrell
Dr. Tracey Burrell
Red River Radio

Airs Wednesday, November 24, 2021, at 6 p.m. LSU Shreveport. This program features members of the educational community share what it truly means to teach children, reach families and inspire communities.

On this second program, we will discuss to the diversity gap between students and teachers.

Twenty-three years ago, I walked into my own classroom and presented myself as Mrs. Burrell, Freshman Honors English teacher. What I did not expect was being one of the first teachers of color that my 9th graders had encountered in their educational experience. Sadly, this occurrence continued over the next 11 years. Unfortunately, this is true for many school-aged children across the nation.

In Louisiana, white females account for over 60% of the teacher workforce. Only 5% of Louisiana teachers are Black males, opposite of the state’s student population where 50% of school-aged children are students of color. Today’s show will give voice specifically to the 5% of African American male educators who have answered the call and are making major strides in the profession.