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Red River National Wildlife Refuge to showcase its nightlife sounds

Kate Archer Kent

The Friends of the Red River National Wildlife Refuge will host a public event Monday that will explore the night sounds on the refuge in Bossier City. Owls, frogs, and crickets are just part of the nighttime chorus, according to refuge ranger Terri Jacobson. In the spring, Jacobson said, the wildlife sounds intensify.

“The animals are waking up and starting to call and sing and make noise as they’re gathering courtship, pairing up, getting together to create families for the spring," Jacobson said.

Jacobson will deliver her night sounds program in a quiz format. Attendees will identify sounds like howling coyotes, a favorite sound for Jacobson.

“When the coyotes are calling it makes me think of the desert and the Southwest. Sounds can lead to memories of different places and times, just like a scrapbook," Jacobson said.

The program, "Night Sounds on the Refuge," is set for Monday, Feb. 24, at 6:30 p.m. at the refuge’s visitor center located at 150 Eagle Bend Point in Bossier City. Jacobson said recorded samples of night sounds will be played prior to a walk in the woods and families are welcome.

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