Snap Judgment

Thursday's at 7 pm
  • Hosted by Glynn Washington

Snap Judgment has a raw, intimate, and musical brand of storytelling that dares listeners to see a sliver of the world through the eyes of another. Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington takes listeners on a narrative journey - leaping from one person's frying pan into another person's fire. Deejay-driven musical delivery, paired with lush sound design, drops listeners into the very heart of what matters.  Snap Judgment's fast-paced (sometimes dark, sometimes playful) narrative highlights stories burning hot on the lips of people from across the globe.

Snap Judgment debuts. Red River Radio will bring Snap Judgement to our listeners every Thursday Night at 7 p.m. On this week's program "Face Value" -- You've heard it before, don't judge a book by it's cover. This week on Snap Judgment it's stories from people across the planet who are forced to admit... things are not always what they seem.