Trump Administration Rolls Back EPA Methane Monitoring Of Oilfield Leaks

Sep 18, 2018

EPA METHANE RULES RELAXED - Trump administration has rolled back EPA methane monitoring requirements for oil and gas industry.
Credit Courtesy: University of Texas Libraries

EPA METHANE ROLLBACKS -  Oil and gas drillers across Texas could soon be allowed to emit a lot more methane into the air.    According  to  Houston Public Media, the  Environmental Protection Agency  is moving to roll-back some Obama-era rules on monitoring oilfield methane leaks.   The Trump Administration says its proposal would save energy companies about 484 million dollars in regulatory costs. The  oil and gas industry is the nation’s largest source of methane, which contributes to climate change, and Texas leads the nation in and oil and gas production.    The EPA’s own analysis says the move would lead to  hundreds  of  thousands  more  tons  of  methane  in the air – a gas 

Credit Courtesy: EPA

which could harm public health. The  Environmental  Defense Fund is among the groups blasting the move. Colin Leyden is Senior Manager, of State Regulatory & Legislative Affairs.                                                     

Leyden explains “It’s absolutely ridiculous that some in industry, as well as this current administration, are trying to undo what were really some common sense and practical rules.”

Some major oil companies like Shell and ExxonMobil have acknowledged the methane problem, pledging to cut emissions on their own.