Texas Oil And Gas "Flaring" Goes Under-reported

Jul 23, 2019

Credit Courtesy: EPA.gov

GAS FLARING – A  new  study  finds  that  oil  and gas companies  are  significantly  under-reporting  how much  natural  gas  they  burn off  into  the  air in Texas.   “Flaring” happens  in oilfields when there’s not  enough  space  in  pipelines  to  get  the natural  gas  to  markets. 

Texas A&M researcher Katherine Willyard found the amount  of  flaring  federal  government  satellites capture  is  about  double  the  amount  companies report  to  the  state.  She  says  that’s  because  state  rules  overlook some  parts  of  the  oil  and  gas  process  where flaring happens.                   

“It’s more of a structural issue and not a corporate 

Credit Courtesy: Environmental Defense Fund

negligence or any wrongdoing by the companies," explained Willyard. "It’s more related to how the rules and regulations require companies to report venting and flaring.”        

Flaring  is  linked  to air pollution and global warming.  It can also mean lost profit for oil and gas companies.