Texas Fishing & Hunting License Sales Up This Year

Nov 9, 2020

Whitetail deer-hunting season has officially opened this past weekend in the state of Texas.
Credit Courtesy: TWPD

TEXAS HUNTING - This past weekend marked the opening of the general Whitetail deer hunting season in Texas.  Despite  the  coronavirus  pandemic, Texas Parks and Wildlife officials say fishing and hunting licenses are up more than 10 percent with sales of hunting licenses  up 1%. John Silovsky, Wildlife Division Director at Texas Parks and Wildlife explains

“People couldnt go to baseball games or take the kid to soccer and so people had so much more free time and this past licensing year we’ve set records for licensing sales," Silovsky said.  

Silovsky  says revenue from licenses, along with other fees and taxes paid by hunters and outdoor sporting enthusiasts is up over 80 million dollars from the previous year.           

TPWD uses most the funds for conservation efforts for the state's fish and wildlife resources.Studies estimate deer hunting alone generates $1.2 billion in revenue across the state each year.