Texas Covid-19 Surge Puts More Pressure On Healthcare Workers

Jul 8, 2020

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

TEXAS COVID-19 SURGE -  Texas has surpassed 10,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day for the first time as a resurgence of the outbreak rages across the U.S. The record high of 10,028 confirmed cases in the Lone Star State Tuesday follows Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to mandate masks in much of the state and to close bars, retreating from what had been one of America’s fastest  reopenings. There have been stories about how this surge is impacting healthcare resources and those resources include healthcare workers, many whom have been working around the clock to meet the demands of more patients and more hospitalizations and there are concerns of employee burn-out as things may worsen.  There is  now  a  group that represents Texas hospitals and they’re  asking people to provide emotional support to stressed out workers on the frontlines.   Carrie Williams with the Texas Hospital Association says this is 

Healthcare workers are facing increased demands as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations increase.
Credit Courtesy: Texas Hospital Assn

an incredibly stressful time for medical providers and staff treating COVID patients. Williams says if you know a health worker, reach out to them.

"We have a role. We have a duty to help them through this tough time," Williams said. "So, some of things that we have been seeing is just definitely morale issues, stress issues, burnout issues. These are things that are very real."

Williams  says all Texans can also show support to health care workers by doing their part to slow the spread of the disease by wearing masks in public, social distancing and staying home if possible.