Texas Ag Commissioner Calling For Investigation On Beef Prices

May 11, 2020

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

BEEF PRICE FIXING? - Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is joining other public officials to call for a federal investigation into suspected beef industry price fixing involving meat packers in the U-S during the pandemic.   Speaking during a Republican Party of Texas Town Hall Friday, he said it was important to protect consumers as well as Texas farmers and ranchers, the nation’s largest beef producers.

“Usually, when cattle prices get depressed, consumers get a good deal and get a good price," Miller explained.  "But, while cattle ranchers are receiving historically low prices, you know, the consumers are paying outrageously high prices, at an all-time high, for beef.”

Sid Miller, Commissioner of Agriculture - State of Texas
Credit Courtesy: Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Facebook

Commissioner  Miller sent a letter to U-S Attorney General William Barr, asking for the investigation.  It comes days after a number of state Attorneys General called for a similar probe, which President Trump now says he supports.