Temple Grandin: Independent Mind

Airs Thursday, April 5, 2018, at 6 p.m. Unable to speak until age four and diagnosed autistic in the 1950s, Temple Grandin went on to defy expectations, becoming a renowned author, activist and expert in humane livestock design. Honing her ability to see and think differently, this self-described “anthropologist on Mars” has brought enlightenment to her field and a new understanding of autism to the world. David D’Arcy hosts this journey into a truly Independent Mind.

Temple Grandin’s own voice guides this Independent Minds radio hour. David D'Arcy is joined by her friend, photographer Rosalie Winard; her collaborator, animal scientist Mark Deesing; autism researchers Simon Baron-Cohen and Uta Frith; Pulitzer prize-winning author Tim Page (he himself has been diagnosed with autism); musician Pete Townshend; and actress Claire Danes who plays Grandin in the upcoming HBO film.

Through these voices and more, we understand how Grandin conquered her condition and how her work offers hope to people and families coping with autism.