Survey Reveals Most Louisianians Fearful Of Contracting Covid-19

Jun 18, 2020

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

UNITED WAY SURVEY -  During May United Ways across Louisiana and the Louisiana Association of United Ways conducted a statewide survey to assess the impact COVID19 pandemic had on the state.  Sarah Berthelot  is President and CEO of the Louisiana Association of United Ways, she explained the  survey’s focus.

"We worked with all the United Ways throughout the state of Louisiana to promote the survey ask for Louisiana citizens to tell us about how Covid-19 has impacted their lives," Berthelot explained.

Preliminary  results  reveal  the primary concern  among  most  Louisianians  (69%)  is fear of contracting Covid-19.  And 67% indicated that help with everyday bills and housing payments would provide the greatest relief, especially among lower income earning families.

Sarah Berthelot, President & CEO for Louisiana Association of United Ways
Credit Courtesy: La Assn of United Ways

"No one was exempt to the effects," Berthelot said. "However households with annual  incomes of less than $35,000 faced the greatest number of setbacks and range of challenges."

The survey revealed that prior to the pandedmic – 31% reported having enough money saved to cover expenses for no more than three weeks, and 18% of Louisiana citizens held enough money to cover less than seven days of expenses.  42% of those respondents had lost income due to the pandemic shut-down  Berthelot said the data will be shared with state agencies to help with future planning for projects to address the long-lasting impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

"Just like we respond and we recover from a flood, this is a disaster that has hit our state,"Berthelot explained. "We will be rebuilding for quite some time and United Way wants to do all it can to that pathway towards recovery."