Shreveport Landmark Don's Seafood Restaurant Ablaze

Jan 30, 2020

LOCAL RESTAURANT LANDMARK BURNS - Shreveport Fire Department responded to a 911 call in the early morning hours to fight a fire at the former Don's Seafood Restaurant in the Highland neighborhood.
Credit Courtesy: Signal 51 Group Facebook

DON'S RESTAURANT IN FLAMES -  Shreveport Fire Department responded to an early call  this morning to the intersection of King’s Highway and Highland Avenue to battle a building fire – when they arrived, firefighters found the old Don’s Seafood restaurant ablaze.  The call came in a little before 4am this morning.  Brian Watkins with the Shreveport Fire Department told KTBS News that firefighters were working to keep the fire from spreading to nearby structures.

"We have firefighters on the outside, protecting all exposures, all citizens homes,"explained Watkins."And they are fighting this fire with a defensive attack. There appears to be no one inside."

According to Watkins –There were approximately 35 firefighters on the scene battling the flames.  Don’s Seafood restaurant was in business for 43 years, it closed in August 2008 and has been vacant since.  Before it became a restaurant – Don’s was a popular neighborhood movie theater with art-deco etched class flourishes.  Cause for the fire is unknown at this time.