Shreveport City Council Withdraws Proposals To Approve Mayor's Spending

May 15, 2019

Shreveport City Council in session on May 14, 2019.
Credit Courtesy: City of Shreveport

SHREVEPORT COUNCIL WITHDRAWS AMENDMENTS -  The Shreveport City Council has withdrawn a proposals to increase oversight and the power to approve  purchases  by the Mayor’s Office. According the Shreveport Times,  An ordinance up for final passage Tuesday would have required City Council approval of all Mayor Adrian Perkins' purchases of  $500,000 or more.  Another amendment proposed by Councilman John Nickelson would’ve lowered the limit to $100,000 but he withdrew his amendment due to lack of council support.  During yesterday’s council meeting- he expressed hope that some council oversight could be reached on purchases in the future.

John Nickelson, Shreveport City Councilman District C
Credit Courtesy: John Nickelson Facebook

"I hope that further conversation with the mayor's office and with my colleagues will allow us to agree on some threshold, some amount beyond which  council approval will be required.," said Nickelson. "I think that's in the best interest of the city." 

The purchase approval measures were  proposed last April after an internal audit raised council concerns  that Mayor Perkins’ office had  unilaterally  changed  city property insurance to another provider  that was costing the city more but lowering the “per-occurrence claim limit” which led some to believe that city property wasn’t adequately covered.