Shreveport City Council Meeting Gets Heated Over Whitehorn Vote

Feb 26, 2020

City councilman John Nickelson (L) addresses Henry Whitehorn, CAO candidate during a contentious council session last Tuesday 2/25/20.
Credit Courtesy: City of Shreveport

HEATED CRITICISM -  Shreveport City Council met yesterday and it had it’s share of fireworks; one item on the agenda was to vote on confirmation of Mayor Adrian Perkin’s choice for Chief Administration Officer – Henry Whitehorn.   One councilman – Democrat James Green was absent from the meeting, and when the vote came up – the confirmation failed with a 3-to-3 tie.   The outcome resulted with Mayor Perkins criticizing one councilman  – aiming his comments at  Republican  John Nickelson.  Councilman James Flurry serving as chairman gaveled Perkins comments asking him to not to call out a council member by name, the mayor obliged but  continued his criticism.

"This is a personal attack by a council member 

Mayor Adrian Perkins openly criticized Councilman John Nickelson during Tuesday's city council session.
Credit Courtesy: City of Shreveport

and I think it’s shameful. I repeat my message from yesterday. This is making our city look terrible.”

At this point Councilmen Nickels, Flurry, and Boucher  all Republicans  walked,  leaving the council without a quorum.  After a few moments, they returned to resume the meeting.

During his criticism,  Mayor Perkins had pointed out he  had  heard rumors  spread  about  past  sexual harassment  lawsuits  against  Whitehorn along with an alleged  lack  of support  from  the  Shreveport Police Department  which  Whitehorn  had  formerly served  as  Chief of Police  under  then  Mayor Cedric Glover.    After returning from his walkout, Councilman  Nickelson  who voted No on Whitehorn’s  confirmation  addressed the CAO candidate  directly.

Henry Whitehorn stood before the Shreveport City Council and defended his reputation regarding any rumors or allegations mentioned during the city council's session on Tuesday 2/25/20.
Credit Courtesy: City of Shreveport

“I have not slandered you nor impugned your integrity. I did privately ask questions about your background and meant no disrespect to you,"Nickelson said.

Perkins said Whitehorn’s CAO appointment will be back on the next council meeting’s agenda anticipating a vote by returning councilman James Green who was absent due to a personal matter.