Shreveport-based American Rose Society gives state lawmakers rose bushes

Apr 28, 2015

The American Rose Society will be honored Tuesday at the Louisiana State Capitol.

Louisiana legislators receive a Belinda's Dream rose bush today recognizing the American Rose Society's national headquarters in Shreveport.

Rep. Alan Seabaugh (R-Shreveport) drafted a resolution designating Tuesday, April 28, as American Rose Society Day in celebration of the national organization’s 40th year of being headquartered in Shreveport, according to executive director Jeff Ware.

“We’re so happy that Rep. Seabaugh is a good friend of ours and supports the work that we do, and is in fact a member of the American Rose Society,” Ware said. “He actually encouraged Gov. Bobby Jindal to join recently. We’re very pleased that the state is recognizing that we’re here.”

The American Rose Society was established in 1892. It moved its national headquarters to Shreveport in 1974. Since then, according to Ware, it’s pumped an estimated $60 million into the state economy.

At the Capitol, lawmakers will be able to sample rose jelly in their break rooms, and they’ll each receive a Belinda’s Dream rosebush. Ware says this hardy variety bears abundant pink blooms all season long and is a Louisiana Super Plant.

“We’ve given them instructions on how to plant it so they can be successful with what may be their very first rosebush. We hope this will just be something exciting to get them started in the hobby of growing roses at their own homes,” Ware said.

With all the rain this spring, Ware says the American Rose Center’s 65 gardens are in Technicolor. The American Rose Society resolution will be introduced at 2 p.m. on the House floor. The society will have a display table set up in the Capitol rotunda from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.