Rent Or Food? Shreveport Landlords Offer Tenants A Break

Mar 25, 2020

REACHING OUT - Shreveport husband and wife landlords Erin and Alan Berry.
Credit Courtesy: Alan Berry

LANDLORDS HELP- It would be nothing short of understatement to say the Coronavirus Pandemic has been a major disruption in people’s lives.  Everyone has been affected in some way.  And with business closures, even if temporary, it will have a real impact, especially for those employed in the foodservice industry, like waiters and bartenders.  These wage earners now find themselves without a steady paycheck due to the emergency orders for people to stay at home. Many businesses like restaurants are closed. But during times like these, there are moments when people help others.

Alan and Erin Berry of Shreveport are landlords and they have 15 rental properties and they considered the current situation regarding business closures and how it could affect their tenants, some of which who work in the hospitality industry.   They recently wrote a letter to each of their tenants, explaining that they will work something out if they are experiencing financial stress and unable to pay the rent.

To hear their story, click the audiolink below: